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Club Photos -- 2017



Thursday Night Hills -- Our Cross Training includes
pushing out cars stuck in the snow.

Start Line of Caesar Rodney



Lindsey Heading for the hill

Andrew, Nicole and Earl heading for the hill,
Carole cheering them on

Emily is going up!

Phil and Bill go up the hill.

Lou is going up!

Tom's on his way up

Bill and Phil go up the hill

Pre-Broad Street Meetup

Post-Broad Street Picnic




Caesar Rodney Hilly Half-Marathon

Caesar Rodney

Matt coming off the hill

Earl and Nicole coming off the hill

Sarah coming off the hill

Lisa coming off the hill

Lindsey coming off the hill

Iris coming off the hill

Carole and Emily are going up, but Lou is going down!

Andrew is heading for the hills.
Oh, wait. He's already on the hill.

Hills are too easy for Connor, so he decided to throw 30 pounds of bricks in his backpack.

Emily is flying!

Pre-Broad Street -- in the corrals

Post-Broad Street Picnic

Volunteering with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia


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