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Special Events & Activities

Every Tuesday after our Tuesday evening run, we meet for drinks/dinner at Bishop's Collar, 24th & Fairmount, at 7:45pm. You don't need to join us for the run to join us at Bishop's Collar. Occasionally, the location of the dinner will change. Changes will be posted in the yellow banner on the home page.

On Saturdays, we have coffee at a Parkway Corner on the SW corner of 22nd and Spring Garden after our morning run. Roughly 9:30am Memorial Day to Labor Day, 10:30am, Labor Day to Memorial Day. Again, you don't need to join us for the run.

We often have parties/picnics/barbecues before and/or after some of the major races in town. Plus we've participated in community/volunteer events, other fitness events, and others. A list of past & future special events is below.

For a list of current special events, please see our Home Page or Message Board

Running-related Events
• Team entries in local (sometimes non-local) races.
• Ad hoc runs (see the message board to see what's going on now).

Other Active Events
• Skiing at Blue Mountain
• Canoeing on the Brandywine
• Indoor Rock Climbing

Food & Drink Related
• Weekly post-run drinks/dinner at Bishop's Collar or another local restaurant (see home page for up-to-date changes): 7:45pm.
• Post-run coffee at Parkway Corner, 22nd and Spring Garden on Saturday mornings: 10:30am Labor Day to Memorial Day, 9:30am Memorial Day to Labor Day.
• Post-Race picnics/barbecues for Broad Street Run, ODDyssey Half-Marathon, Mayor's Cup and Rock & Roll Half-Marathon.
• Post-Race lunch for Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon, LOVE Run Half-Marathon, Philadelphia 8K and Half-Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon.
• Annual celebratory dinner at a local restaurant.

Community / Volunteer Events
• Volunteering for local races.




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